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A weekend house with swimming pool and other amenities at a 2.25 acre site, located in the outskirts of Mumbai, India. The client desired a courtyard house where he can feel at one with nature and escape the cramped lifestyle of Mumbai City.

Working hand and hand with the design team at ASD, we embarked on the project with traditional methods of drafting, including drawing compositions on tracing paper. After a series of experiments with paper models and single line pencil drawings, I transformed the design into an AutoCAD drawing for further design development.

Due to the unconventional nature of the house, where no two walls are parallel or at right angle to one another, the design development process required six months of intense research, analysis, preparation and innovative problem
solving, to resolve the structural system without compromising with the overall desired form and space.

The client's goal to be in constant contact with the external environment was achieved while resolving the formal organization of the house by arranging the entire structure around the courtyard and creatively connecting each section through a semi covered transition space. Hence, creating a story where
the viewer experiences the natural surroundings from within and when he travels from one room to another.

In collaboration with ASD







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