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Harpreet Sia has been running a boutique design­ build practice in Brooklyn since January 2015.  Before that, she worked as an associate at GGArchitect in NYC for little over 3 years. Harpreet is an internationally experienced architect with unique experiences in all of the regions where she has worked.   She currently focuses on design and construction management for commercial and boutique residential projects.   Prior to joining GGA, Harpreet was a design consultant at Dune NY, a high­-end custom furniture design studio, and manufacturer in Soho, N.Y.  In her previous architectural work, Harpreet has focused on one-­of­-a­-kind, unique, and out of the box, projects.  In central Pennsylvania, she reconstructed dilapidated and condemned properties.In the Greek Islands, she helped design and build a mountainside retreat that was minimally invasive and “at one” with its surroundings.  In India, she designed a vacation house built in the middle of a swamp­land, combining architectural ingenuity with creative solutions to design a house inspired by a child’s imagination.   Harpreet brings a unique experience to every project, having worked in multiple countries with varying and complex environments.  She has hands-on experience working to reinvigorate properties that have suffered from years of disrepair and neglect, or to re­construct properties that have been damaged by natural disasters.  She also has experience tackling projects with significant environmental threats such as monsoon rains,intense winters, and dry/desert like heat. 

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